Community Involvement

At Matcha Design, we’re especially passionate about giving back to our Tulsa community.


Investing in the global and local community is a great way to give back to those who have helped support your business.

At Matcha Design, we believe in the life changing power of nonprofits. We provide quality and affordable design services to nonprofit organizations, and partner with them to expand creative services and vision.

Each year we support selected local groups financially or by volunteering our services to promote their causes. This year, we've partnered with and the First Presbyterian Church Sand Springs

On a global level, Matcha Design has been involved in Kiva, a micro-finance program that facilitates short-term loans to entrepreneurs across the globe. We have helped financing single mothers and struggling businessmen in many developing countries to provide job opportunities, hope and joy.

We got on board with Create2Serve, a new creative initiative that serves as an "creative ambassador" by offering free, basic creative services to Christian, nonprofit ministries. 

Our passion for helping others is part of who we are, it gives us a sense of purpose that feeds our creativity. So, call today and give us the opportunity to pay it forward.